Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The 7 Minute Workout for Mums

Hi Fellow Mums,

Do you have toddlers who run around and you end up catching your breath chasing them? Whether you are working mum or stay at home mum, we hardly have time to exercise. So I thought maybe it's worth sharing what I have been using for the past months. I am not a fitness guru nor have a sexy body (I wish!) but for all of us who are busy 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, here's something that will suit our schedule.

If you have your smartphone and internet connection, you might want to download the app called The 7 Minute Workout". YES! It only takes 7 minutes. Can you spare 7 minutes of your time? Maybe while baby is asleep, or we wake up 7 minutes earlier than usual? Ok here we go.

Whether you are using Samsung, Iphone or HTC (you can try any other smartphone brand)

1) Go to your AppStore

2) Click the Magnifying glass and type in 7 Minute Workout. it looks like this:

3. It should say Free, the click Download. Wait til it's finished. The icon will appear in your list of application on your mobile.

There are different exercises in this app and each one takes only 30 seconds. I personally think this is a good one for those Mums who are just starting simply because it has a PAUSE option. So you can stop for a minute or two, then you can resume.

I have this app in my phone and I believe it's a great app to keep. I hope you find this fit for you too! =)

Thank you for reading =)

P.S. You can also download this from your Ipad or Ipod. I just mentioned the smartphones so you can keep the workout guide handy, anytime anywhere.

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