Thursday, 24 July 2014

Debit/Credit Card Skimming - Beware.Be Aware.

Hi Fellow Mums,

This entry is mainly for Australians and/or New Zealanders banking with ANZ. A couple of weeks ago, ANZ bank sent me text message to say they cancelled my credit card to protect me from fraud. They asked me to call a 1800 number and discussed the issue with them.

Apparently, someone has been using my debit card in the US. They've recorded 4 transactions that happened in US. The first transaction was $1.25 AUD. Then the others increased to $15, $51 and $129 and these three last ones were used for petrol. I told the ANZ staff I haven't been to the US (although I'd love to) and I asked them how did it ever happen?

Here's the thing, the debit card they were referring to was sitting in a box at home. Never been used physically and never used for online transactions. This is when I found out from them about debit/credit card skimming. I asked around the office and there are 3 out of 8 staff became a victim of this scam. In Australia, there is what they call a "Falcon" which is supposed to pick up these kinds of scenario but unfortunately for me, the Falcon failed. If you want to know more information about credit card skimming, here's the link Australian government has and hopefully this will give you a better understanding on how it works. The guy I spoke with even said this is a "common" issue that's been happening for a while now. He cannot answer me though how it happened when the card was just in a box and never been used.

ANZ guaranteed they will give the money back but it takes 15 days for them to process it. With the latest technologies today, we all better be vigilant.

So fellow mums, beware and be aware! For us Mothers, every single cent counts.
Take care!


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